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Wetan B.V. is an investment company and is always looking for challenges.

We are looking for companies that are creating products or services in an high tech technology environment.

The company where we want to invest in should have defined their working processes, is creating and developing high quality products, has a good customer relation and statisfaction process, supply their employees with an enjoyable, high tech and challenging work environment where they can develop their skills.

The company should also have an extra dimension to the environmental living space to give the next generation also the living space they need. Wetan has decided to do its utmost to make the global environment as green as possible by using technology to reach that goal.

Wetan the green investment company by using technology.

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You need to select a partner in business that can help you in growing your own business.

Wetan can help you with taking the right decisions.

Weweb want to be your partner in:

  • Financial investments
  • Technological developments and consultancy
  • Quality assurance

For more information pleasecontact us.


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